The Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre

The Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre is a non-profit, community based, feminist organization, empowering women by providing a safe and supportive environment to explore their needs. We endeavour to work from an anti-racist, anti-oppression framework. We rely on donations and government funding to maintain an accessible location and to respond to the needs of Northwestern Ontario women.

Community Education

We work to increase public understanding and awareness of issues that have an impact upon women, such as violence, poverty, sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, unequal access to justice, and economic globalization through research and action projects, media work, workshops and training, lectures and informal talks.

Systemic Advocacy

We take women’s concerns to local, provincial and national committees and consultations so that people who make laws, policy and decisions are aware of the reality of women’s lives in Northwestern Ontario. We advocate to create substantive equality for women.

Want to know more…?

Check out the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre website!

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