About the good food box

 A food security initiative by the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre since 2005

The Thunder Bay Good Food Box (GFB) is a monthly fruit and vegetable distribution program that aims to increase access to fresh and affordable produce in neighbourhoods, housing buildings, organizations, and participating First Nations year-round. Our program is intended for, and primarily serves, families and individuals with low or fixed incomes including young families, sole support parents, students, seniors, and people with disabilities. To avoid stigma, no proof of income is required from our customers.

Buying a Good Food Box gives you a low cost way to get fresh produce and get involved in your community. We currently offer one size of box for $22. The contents vary each month, but there are typically 7-9 different items per box, and all boxes are packed identically. Each box also contains a featured item and a newsletter with easy, healthy recipes. Our produce is ordered from a local grocery store and may also include seasonal, locally grown fruits or vegetables.

To learn more about the operations and impact of the Good Food Box over the past year, check out our  Annual Report.