Buying a Good Food Box gives you a low cost way to get fresh produce delivered to your neighbourhood or building. Produce is ordered from a local grocery store, and includes seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables. It is also a great way to get connected and involved in your community.

Due to our current limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is currently only ONE size of box for $22 (previously we offered two sizes for individuals and families). Boxes have slightly less variety than you may be used to, as we are only ordering produce in full portion sizes (i.e. a full bag of potatoes, a full bag of apples etc.). There are typically 7-9 different items per box. There are still feature items and a newsletter with easy healthy recipes in every box.

No one needs to provide proof of income to sign up. Participants pay for the Good Food Box by the second Monday of each month at a neighbourhood Host-Site. The boxes are dropped off at the Host-Site on the second Wednesday or Thursday of the month.

The above photo is an example of one month’s Good Food Box contents. Boxes will not contain the exact same items each month!

How do I order a Good Food Box?

  1. Find a Host-Site

  2. Call or email the Host-Site and pay $22 before the order deadline
    Each site is operating differently—call Host-Site ahead of time

  3. Pick up your Good Food Box from your Host-Site on the second Wednesday or Thursday of the month (They will let you know)

Important Dates

July 2021
GFB Order deadline: Monday, July 12th
GFB Pick up: Wednesday, July 21st / Thursday, July 22nd

August 2021
GFB Order deadline: Monday, August 9th
GFB Pick up: Wednesday, August 18th / Thursday, August 19th

September 2021
GFB Order deadline: Monday, September 13th
GFB Pick up: Wednesday, September 22nd / Thursday, September 23rd