Who can order a Good Food Box?

Anyone in the Thunder Bay district can order a Good Food Box. The program is intended to assist individuals with low or fixed incomes access affordable fresh produce year-round. Proof of income is not required to purchase a Good Food Box.

Be sure to check out our Host-Sites list – maybe your building or organization is already a part of the Good Food Box Program! Otherwise, we have several Host-Sites open to the public.

How much does a Good Food Box cost?

A large box bursting with flavour and nutrition costs just $22.

Are there different sizes of Good Food Boxes?

No, there is currently only one size of box available. Before the COVID pandemic, we offered two sizes of boxes: a larger box intended for families ($25) and a smaller box intended for individuals ($15). Due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to limit the program to just one box size.

How do I pay?

The Good Food Program only accepts cash. Payment must be received by your Host-Site by the deadline each month. You will need to speak to your Host-Site to confirm, as payment dates may differ between Host-Sites.

I just want one Good Food Box – not monthly. Do I have to commit?

Just order for the month(s) you would like to receive a Good Food Box. You can order every single month or every once in awhile. No commitment required!

What is in a Good Food Box?

There are typically 7-9 different items per box. The box contents change monthly and may include: potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, cabbage, cucumbers, parsnips, peppers, celery, melons, garlic, squash, strawberries, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant or corn. Fruit and vegetables depend on seasonal availability. In addition to the assortment of fresh produce, each month’s box comes with healthy eating tips and recipes prepared with the box’s contents in mind.

Is there local produce in the Good Food Box?

Sometimes! When local produce is in season and available, we aim to stock the Good Food Box with as many local products as possible. However, this is not always the case, especially in the winter months.

Can I customize my box?

No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate special requests or custom orders at this time. Everyone gets the same box!

What is the difference between a Good Food Box and a Fundraiser Box?

The Good Food Box is intended to provide food security for individuals and families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access fresh produce. Boxes contain fresh fruit and vegetables and are purchased for less than buying the same produce from the supermarket ($22).

A Fundraiser Box contains all locally-produced or made goods. Boxes are purchased as a fundraiser to support the Good Food Box Program, and also support our local farmers and makers. Boxes are $60, which includes a $20 donation to the Program.

Can I become a Host-Site?

Yes! If you live in an area where there is a group of friends or neighbours who are interested in monthly Good Food Boxes, consider signing up as a Host-Site. If one doesn’t already exist in your area, contact us about setting one up.

Good Food Coupons (GFCs) are meant to subsidize the cost of a box, but what if I just want to pay for a Good Food Box for someone?

If you would like to cover the entire cost of a Good Food Box for someone, please contact us directly to arrange.