Help us supply affordable fresh food to the people of Thunder Bay!

When someone buys a Good Food Box, 100% of their money goes directly toward the purchase of food for that month’s box. This means, as a community-based non-profit, we rely on essential contributions from community partners, funders, and donors to help us cover the costs of running the program, which includes everything from pack day hall rentals to bus tickets and lunches for our volunteers.
There are many ways to get involved with the Good Food Box program!

Become a host-site

If you live in an area where there is a group of friends or neighbours interested in accessing Good Food Boxes, consider signing up as a Host-Site. Learn more about Host-Sites  here and order/pickup dates  here.

buy a fundraiser box

Several times a year, the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre sells a limited number of pre-ordered local food and themed gift boxes in support of the Good Food Box program. Find more details about fundraiser boxes  here.

make a donation or buy good food coupons

Thunder Bay Good Food Box Program is administered by the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre. We provide charitable tax receipts for monetary contributions over $20. Find out how to make a donation  here.

Good Food Coupons (GFCs) provide a direct subsidy from you or your business to a customer who has difficulty affording the full price of a Good Food Box. Find more about how GFCs work  here.

volunteer your time

We welcome volunteers who are interested in participating in a range of activities, and we appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and commitment they bring to all aspects of the program! Learn more about volunteering with the Good Food Box  here.