Subsidize a Good Food Box for someone who needs it!

The Good Food Box aims to improve access to fresh fruits and veggies by making boxes of produce available at a low cost, however, some families and individuals have difficulty affording the $22 payment. These are often the members of our community who need a Good Food Box the most. In effort to assist these customers, we’ve introduced Good Food Coupons (GFCs) in $5 and $10 denominations!

Your purchase of a GFC provides a direct subsidy from you to a customer to offset their cost of a Good Food Box, while still encouraging their engagement in the program. It’s like cost-sharing* a Good Food Box with a customer who has difficulty affording the entire amount. 

  • You decide how many coupons to purchase
  • You decide the denomination ($5 or $10)
  • You decide how the coupons get distributed: 
    • Distribute them yourself 
    • Choose one of our 40+ Host-Sites to distribute them on your behalf 
    • Let us decide where they are most needed

For agencies or businesses buying blocks of coupons:

We can customize the back of the coupons with your logo so customers know who has subsidized their Good Food Box (see example of tbaytel’s GFC on right).

Note: If you distribute coupons that remain unredeemed at the end of the calendar year, we can re-issue them with a new expiry date.

Help us meet the increasing needs of our community members. Give the gift of Good Food in the form of Good Food Coupons! 

To order GFCs, please contact us at (807) 345-5819 or [email protected]

*If you would like to cover the entire cost of a Good Food Box for someone, rather than subsidize it, get in touch and we’ll arrange it!